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Convert Files to MP3

You should ONLY upload audio files to this site that are in Mp3 format.

If you have an audio file in a different format, you'll need to convert it to Mp3 before uploading.

If you don't already have a method of doing this, we recommend that you download and use the Koyote Mp3 Wma Converter, which is available for free at this web page: http://www.koyotesoft.com/indexEn.html

This program will convert the following formats to Mp3: WMA, OGG, AAC, M4a, APE, WAV

To get this program, go to the designated page, select Free Mp3 Wma Converter on the left, click on "Downlaod" and then follow the instructions to install the program on your computer.

To use the program, open it, click on the green arrow at the upper right, and find/select the audio file on your hard-drive. Then select an "Output Path" (where you want the converted file placed on your hard drive) and click on "Convert" (don't change the default "Output format" and "Format parameter" settings).

The audio file will be converted to an Mp3 file ready for uploading.

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