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Fairview Lanes Is The Best

For Family Fun On Cleveland's West Side!

Fairview Lanes is celebrating 57 years in the Kuczinski family!!!  We are a family-owned business and we love what we do!  Come on in and make yourself at home!

On the weekends, Moonrock Bowling is in full swing! Black lights, music videos, song requests and crazy lighting.  Nighttime for adults and teenagers and Saturday afternoons for families and children.  Is Moonrock a nightclub?  No, but it feels like it.  Go ahead and dance in between bowling.  You know you want to!  We won't judge.  Really.  In fact, you may see us getting down with anything from Drake to Aretha Franklin!!!


Note On Physical Accessibility:

Fairview Lanes (called "Fairview Recreation" at the time) was built in 1947 in the basement of the Fairview Shopping Center.  We are still in a basement.  We do not own the building, we rent.

Unfortunately, there is no room to install an elevator without removing a stairwell that must remain due to fire codes.  Also, there is no room to install ramps for the bathrooms, which are each located up a small set of steps to elevate the plumbing to city sewer level.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires public spaces to do whatever is reasonable to accommodate individuals with physical challenges.  I wish we could do more.  Because it's the right thing.  And because our basement location is a detriment to our business.  But we do not have space for an elevator.  And probably couldn't afford one even if there were space.  It is, therefore, not reasonable to install an elevator or ramps.  QED.