NOTE: You must be vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19 to work at Fairview Lanes.

If you are interested in a position, please stop by for an application.  Yes, applications are available only in-person, and must be returned in-person.  Check our Open Bowling page for business hours:

Fairview Lanes is a family business since 1967.  We care about what we do.  It is a fun atmosphere with energy and variety.  I run the Lanes because I want to, not because I have to; I love this job!  Maybe you will, too!

For questions, please email me: bryan@fairviewlanes.com



For ages 16 and up:

- $12 per hour, plus pretty good tips from groups/parties/snack bar

- Performance/Attendance-Based Bonus every 3 months

- General help; checking in bowlers; cooking; cleaning; pinchasing

- Up to 20 hours per week: after school; Saturdays or Sundays day/night

- Please do not apply if you have extracurricular activities that may conflict with working.

- Minors require a Work Permit

For ages 21 and up:

- $12 per hour, plus great tips

- Performance/Attendance-Based Bonus every 3 months

- Snack Bar: serving alcohol; cooking; cleanup

- 20 to 30 hours per week: weeknights and/or weekend nights


Running Fairview Lanes is a boatload of work, and I cannot do it myself.

I am looking for someone I can count on; someone I can trust completely. 

I can train you to do everything at the Lanes, but emotional intelligence?  Empathy?  Those tools take far too long to teach. 

Full-Time Manager (ages 21 and up)

- $40,000.00 per year

- Performance-Based Annual Bonus

- Five vacation days for use June through August

- 35 to 50 hours per week (depending on time of year)

- Five days per week, typically

Basic Requirements/Concerns/Triggers for Manager position

- Must be able to safely lift 160 lb keg for 3 seconds

- Must be able to safely lift 50 lbs for 10 seconds

- Must be able to safely climb atop machines 3 feet above floor

- Must have a tolerance for small spaces (e.g., climbing into machines)

- Must have a tolerance for the dark, and loud noises/music

- Must have the willpower to ignore your cell phone for hours at a time

- Must be professional AND KIND to all, even on your worst day

- This is not a desk job; you will stand for hours, and you will move quickly when help is needed

- This can be a dirty job.  Nobody does just one thing at the Lanes.  I run the place, but also I clean bathrooms, I vacuum, I take out the garbage.  You will too.

- Being the person in charge during a shift means coordinating everything: Front Desk; Snack Bar; behind the machines.  Much like a lifeguard, you must always be attentive when we are open, watching for behaviors that could cause injury or could damage our property.

- You will cook meat (I’m a 20-year vegetarian and I live with it)

- You will serve alcohol

- Background Check (no convictions for physical violence or theft)

- You will work New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

- You will work Thanksgiving, either morning or night

- You will work every Saturday and Sunday, September through April

- You will fill in when staff are absent

- You will have a monthly performance review

[last update: 9/28/22]