While this page is under construction, all prices are accurate as of 2/17/24.

Wanna know a secret?
We pay your taxes for you.
Yep. All of our prices, including at the Snack Bar,
already include sales tax.

Open Bowling (no reservations)
- Before 4 pm:
    - $4.00 per game
- After 4 pm:
    - $4.75 per game
- Shoe Rental
    - $3.50 per pair (when not included with specials/packages)
- We do not offer lane rental by the hour for Open Bowling.

- Active Military (extends to household family)
    - $2.25 per game & free shoe rental
- Seniors (valid weekdays only)
    - $2.50 per game

- All-You-Can-Bowl
    - $12.95 per person with free shoe rental
- Family Moonrock
    - $44.95 per lane, up to six bowlers & free shoe rental
- Saturday Night Moonrock
    - $15.95 per person with free shoe rental

Large Groups (minimum of 20 bowlers)
- Please call for large group pricing: 440-331-3244
- Requires booking 48 hours in advance.
- Requires a deposit.
- Rate is typically $35 - $45 per lane per hour (up to six bowlers per lane).
- Minimum of four lanes for two hours.

Pricing for specials is for a set number of bowlers.  
Bowlers may not be substituted during an event.
For example, if you rent a Moonrock lane for six bowlers,
only the original six bowlers may bowl.  You cannot swap
bowlers in and out.

There are no discounts for specials if you have your own bowling shoes, as
the specials offer FREE shoe rental.  Thus, the price is the same.

All bowlers must wear bowling shoes.  If you do not have your own bowling shoes, you must rent a pair.